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JD Sports Now Open

Waterford Lakes Town Center is excited to announce JD Sports is now open. JD Sports is the latest addition to the town center’s list of retailers.   

Established in 1983 by John Wardle and David Makin, JD Sports has long been established as the leading UK specialist retailer of fashionable branded, sports and casual wear.  What started as a single shop in England has now expanded across the UK, and by 1996, JD had opened a total of 56 stores. They expanded to the U.S. with their first stores opening in Chicago and Houston, and grew to 104 stores across 28 states.  Currently, JD Sports has over 950 locations worldwide, including the newest location at Waterford Lakes Town Center. 

JD Sports has everything you need to elevate the casual look to eye-catching new heights. Shop popular footwear brands like Nike, adidas, Vans, or athletic slides, basketball sneakers, casual shoes, and more.  JD Sports is more than just a sneaker store, they also have the latest in sportwear for men, women, and kids. 

For more information about JD Sports, new retailers and restaurants, free events and family entertainment, visit: or Facebook and Instagram.