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CrunCheese Now Open

Waterford Lakes Town Center is excited to announce CrunCheese Korean Hot Dog is now open to the public.  CrunCheese is the latest addition to the town center’s diverse selection of restaurant and dining options for guests to enjoy.

Since 2019, CrunCheese has been creating gourmet Korean Hotdogs with fresh cheese, sausage, and special ingredients. The franchise began in Las Vegas but now has seven locations across the country, including the first Florida location at Waterford Lakes Town Center. Two more openings in Nevada and New York are expected later this year.   

Cruncheese is not your average corndog. Guests can choose from a simple menu featuring different Korean corn dogs. The base of the CrunCheese dog is either full sausage, full cheese (cheddar or mozzarella), rice cake, or half-sausage and half-cheese. They are skewered and coated in batters including the classic panko, a squid ink batter, or a panko batter studded with potato cubes. To finish it off, guests can top the dog with a variety of different condiments, including a garlic Parmesan sauce, cheese mustard, or hot sauce.   

For more information about CrunCheese Korean Hot Dog, other property happenings, and free events, visit: or Facebook and Instagram.