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Black History Month Canvas Project: Young Artist Showcase

In honor of Black History Month, young artists will be painting what Black History Month means to them, LIVE, at Waterford Lakes Town Center on Saturday February 6th from 9 AM-3 PM. Shoppers are invited to stop by Waterford Lakes Town Center and view this live art activation! Each artists' work will be on display at Waterford Lakes Town Center the entire month of February for guests to enjoy. 

Due to inclement weather, Artists will be doing their live paintings in front of the windows of the former Lizard Thicket space, located near Rack RoomShoes and American Eagle. 



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Ke'siah Parsons

Ke'siah Parsons is a 17 year old attending University High School. Growing up she loved art, but as she got older she wanted to explore more things including drawing, fashion and architecture. In high school she started to take painting seriously exploring different types of mediums and styles of art.  During her freshman year, her art was displayed in the school art gallery and in her Junior year, her artwork was displayed during the Central Florida Fair. During the pandemic, she started to sell her artwork as well as receive requests for custom pieces. After high school she plans to attend a college in the state of Florida for a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and a Bachelor's degree in Architecture/Interior.

Read about Black History Month here: https://www.history.com/topics/black-history/black-history-facts


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Gabrielle Fleury 

Gabrielle Fleury is in 11th grade at University High School. She has always been interested drawing and painting. Her grandfather is an artist and her dad dabbles in art as well. She is currently considering continuing her education at Florida A&M University or University of Central Florida to pursue a degree in Bio-technical Engineering or Political Science with a minor in Art History. She is currently part of the GT program which focuses on the different sections of engineering as well as GenWoW club which gives young women opportunities to help build the future leaders of the world by connecting them to the leaders of today.